Friday, August 28, 2009

Tom And Rita Love Gray, Too!

Imagine my surprise when I finally got to catching up on my NY Times blog reading—not just one, but two posts on the magic of gray paint from former Domino contributing editor and now NYT contributor, Rita Konig. If there ever was a moment of I-so-nailed-this-color, this was it! In any event, Rita transforms her West Village apartment with a rather subtle shade of gray—much like one of the Pratt & Lambert paints Liz loves. Check out Rita's before and after:

The difference is ever so slight—sort of like when a friend gets a trim and you look at them, not able to pinpoint what exactly has changed, but knowing that whatever it is, it's a great thing. And while Rita went with a soft gray on her walls, her former Domino colleague, interior designer, Tom Delavan, chose a bit more urban-feeling shade in his kitchen renovation. But, it wasn't an easy shade to find, especially because he planned to pair it with lots of soft-shaded wood: "I think wood works with gray," Tom explained. "I wanted something that was between gray and brown: too gray and it goes battleship; too brown and it goes too early-'90s. I took two days of looking at colors to find the right one, but when you do, it changes everything." Does it ever, Tom! Check out his teeny (but oh-so-chic) kitchen:

Tom's preferred gray? Pratt & Lambert's Woodwitch. Fab, right?

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