Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best of NYC

I know this comes a few months late, but we want to say a special thank you to Gotham magazine for including Elizabeth Bauer Design in it's August 2009 "Best of NYC" article! - BEST GLAM VINTAGE - To be part of the "cream of the crop" in a city that has so many amazing places to shop, and to be in the company of well known designers such as Bunny Williams, John Derian, and Miles Redd is an incredible honor!

There is something to be said for the scale of vintage pieces and the character they can add to one's home. We take pride in our eclectic mix of vintage furniture and home accessories, often incorporating designer fabrics with pattern on pattern, color, and texture. By taking pieces that most would discard as unusable, Elizabeth recognizes the unique size and scale and puts her own spin on the piece by refinishing (usually in a white or black high gloss lacquer) and recovering in colorful designer fabrics. Also, when designing for clients, Elizabeth mixes and matches pieces from different periods, stressing the importance of mixing price points. One of Elizabeth's design philosophies is to compliment everyday pieces with high end accessories.

Next time you are in Greenwich Village stop by and get your vintage glam on!
Elizabeth Bauer Design
43 Greenwich Ave (btw Charles and Perry)
New York, NY 10014

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I-Katching IKAT! 

Okay, so it is actually pronounced "ee-kaht," not "eye-cat," but I just couldn't resist the play on words!  It seems like everything I see these days has some form of ikat-inspiration - from sourcing fabrics for clients, to browsing the racks at my favorite boutiques.  Ikat is everywhere!  Going hand in hand with ikats are their partner in crime - the intricate and sophisticated suzani. 

Although ikats and suzani's have been an influential part of the textile industry for centuries, these iconic patterns have secured a particular place in both 20th and 21st century design.  Though the term "ikat" actually refers to a weave and dye technique, and "suzani" to an antique embroidery technique, the terms have evolved to represent distinct visual motifs as well.  Different ikat and suzani techniques have been developed through Central America, South America, and Central Asia, but the most recognized ikats in today's design industry are the fine silk "Uzbek Ikats." 

Silk "Uzbek Ikat"

Michael Smith's use of ikat in both an ethnic inspired space and a more traditional space. 

Rob Southern plays with variations of scale in similar ikat patterns by Lee Jofa and places emphasis on bold color. 

Very eye catching living room by Eric Cohler.  It is simple, yet, so elegant. He uses the neutral color palate  as a blank canvas and adds pops of color with the various ikat fabrics, creating a sense of warmth in the space.  

A new take on ikat by Kelly Wearstler.

Beautiful blue ikat and suzani subtle, one fearlessly forward.  Both fabulous!

My "go to" ikat.  

Some inspirational fabrics by Brunschwig and Fis.  

The unexpected...Instead of using the fabrics as upholstery, the ikat fabric is framed as art, and the suzani is draped over the love seat.  The natural wood furniture and natural rugs, on the other hand, keep with the inherent ethnic vibe of the fabrics. 

Again, keeping with the inherent ethnicity of the fabric. 

Pulled from the inspiration board our the store.... 2008 Oscar de le Renta ikat - in honor of NYC Fashion Week

We LOVE ikat and suzani at Elizabeth Bauer Design...

Suzani Cloisonne Boxes. Available at Elizabeth Bauer Design.

Ikat Tunics. Available in pink and red at Elizabeth Bauer Design.

Suzani Melamine Plates.  Available at Elizabeth Bauer Design. 

Vintage chairs re-upholstered in Ikat.  Available at Elizabeth Bauer Design. 

Colorful ikat carpets can be used as small accent pieces or as large area rugs to make a bold statement in any room.  They are just plain FUN!

Playful twist on a traditional entry chandelier

My inspiration for this blog...Schuyler Samperton's pillow made from vintage mid-1900's Turkish suzani fragment.  I adore everything - from the color combination to the esquisite suzani pattern.  I would die to have this on my sofa!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

On Guard. 

Rain, rain, go away!  It is only 65 degrees out and raining (cats) and dogs!  I don't have an obsession with dogs...I promise. Just thought I would share a few of my favorite guard dogs with you on this rainy afternoon.  Foo dogs have made quite the comeback over the years. Originating from ancient China, these "lion dogs" are said to have protective powers and first stood in front of Imperial palaces, temples, government offices, and homes of the wealthy.  

These chic lamps look mean, but don't worry...they won't bite!

Metallic and brightly glazed ceramic foo dogs.  Elizabeth Bauer Design.

Another take on the foo dog. 
 This pair of carved stone foo dogs stand at 2'-9" tall and would make quite a statement in an outdoor entrance. 

Windsor Smith shows her eclectic flair - porcelain foo dog in hand - in Inspired Styles.

Happy weekend - Try to stay dry!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are you ready for a match?

As the end of Summer approaches (yes, it is September, ahhh!), we New Yorker's enjoy the Summer to Fall transition with the short trek out to the US Open.  Walking into the stadium, one is still reminded that, even though we are at a sporting event, design and fashion are never left behind.  From the well put together business men and women, to the ever so stylish tennis outfits, the US Open these days could be referred to as a perfect match, pun intended. 

Walking up to my high, high seats (one can only dream to sit court side one day)...
A spectacular view of the Unisphere - one of the most iconic architectural achievements of the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair.  

The ever so stylish Maria Sharapova is not only a tennis dynamite, but now a fashion icon...
Her inspiration for this Nike tennis dress and Tiffany earrings...the shimmering NYC skyline and Frank Gehry.

Sharapova's new line for Cole Haan...
Sharapova is 6'-2", but not afraid to rock heals! Truly a fashionista!

LOVE (again, pun intended) these!

An elegant Sharapova in front of the New York skyline.

A little touch of tennis in the home.

Ralph does it again!  As the official designer of the 2009 US Open, Ralph Lauren brings the 
All-American look to the courts.

More quintessential Ralph looks from previous seasons.

Chic Drink of the Open... Honey Deuce