Wednesday, January 28, 2009

R.I.P. Domino

Today was the end of an era, a short lived one at that; my favorite shelter magazine, Domino, has folded. All day, in the midst of trying to pull together a proposal for a client due on Friday, I could not help but going to the domino website and savoring the last few moments of its being. I wanted to write everything down, all their favorite sites, blogs, resources, etc. In a fashion world where its acceptable to mix Lagerfeld for H&M with runway Chanel, it is also appropriate to mix Thomas O'Brian for Target among your Stark carpet.
Domino brought its readers the latest and greatest finds for the home. In the age of High/Low fashion and decorating I am unsure where I will turn to for inspiration so I have decided to
 make this sad day brighter by starting my own blog dedicated to all things fashionable for the home. Domino, you will be greatly missed, rest in peace. -EB

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