Friday, September 11, 2009

On Guard. 

Rain, rain, go away!  It is only 65 degrees out and raining (cats) and dogs!  I don't have an obsession with dogs...I promise. Just thought I would share a few of my favorite guard dogs with you on this rainy afternoon.  Foo dogs have made quite the comeback over the years. Originating from ancient China, these "lion dogs" are said to have protective powers and first stood in front of Imperial palaces, temples, government offices, and homes of the wealthy.  

These chic lamps look mean, but don't worry...they won't bite!

Metallic and brightly glazed ceramic foo dogs.  Elizabeth Bauer Design.

Another take on the foo dog. 
 This pair of carved stone foo dogs stand at 2'-9" tall and would make quite a statement in an outdoor entrance. 

Windsor Smith shows her eclectic flair - porcelain foo dog in hand - in Inspired Styles.

Happy weekend - Try to stay dry!

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